Hide Window Plus

Hide Window Plus 2.0

Software to protect your privacy

The Hide Window Plus software program lets you hide a window on the screen by just pressing on a button. When a tray icon is created by the program, it can also be hidden by the program.

The Hide Window Plus lets you automatically run a screensaver and even turn off or mute any sound on your PC by just pressing a keyboard shortcut on your PC.

Your system tray doesn't get cluttered even if you run the Hide Window Plus invisibly. This program is ideal for users who put a high value on their privacy to prevent unwanted people from looking at what they do on your computer.

The program is used to hide a lot of applications that may be subject to privacy issues. The programs that you can use this application on are MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Outlook, and Internet Explorer, Firefox browser, Windows Explorer windows and a lot more.